Connecting for Good

Connecting for Good

Google Fiber is coming to Kansas City! Our organization has a plan to ensure that all citizens can access broadband Internet, regardless of their incomes.

Connecting for Good, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is bridging the Digital Divide in Kansas City by assisting under resourced residents with affordable connectivity, refurbished PCs & digital literacy training.

The mission of Connecting for Good, Inc., as stated in our Kansas Articles of Incorporation, is: “To enable organizations and individuals to use technology to connect with one another in order to have a positive impact on society and the environment.” To accomplish this, we are working for in-home Internet access for all families, especially those in under resourced neighborhoods.

We have formed a board of directors and have been in ongoing discussions with key decision makers and funders to explore ways to ensure that the whole community will benefit from the fiber revolution that is coming to Kansas City.  As are are becoming the most bandwidth rich city in America, we don’t want anyone left out.

Our three-pronged strategy to accomplish this is: Connectivity, Hardware and Digital Literacy. So, these are the activities in which we are engaged:

* Assisting under-resourced families and individuals to obtain affordable broadband Internet access, especially in their own homes. Although Internet access is available at libraries, schools and other public institutions, we believe connectivity in the home is essential for all Kansas City families, regardless of their incomes.

* Helping people in lower income brackets to acquire reasonably priced Internet-connected devices and equipment.  Thousands in our area have no PC at home and cannot take advantage of all the benefits of Internet connectivity. We will be seeking to obtain desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones for this purpose. 

* Offering digital literacy experiences to help people in under-resourced communities access online resources and create a brighter future for themselves and their families. We are developing a portable computer lab that can be setup in key locations in our targeted communities in order to introduce residents to the world of broadband computing.  A group of committed volunteers are already in place and we plan to connect with the libraries and other community institutions to conduct free training and awareness sessions.

Thanks everyone for all of your support. 

We are looking for donors and volunteers to make this all happen.  If you want to get involved please contact us.
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