Why Sell on Goodbidding.org?

Goodbidding.org, a unique e-commerce marketplace, featuring goods for sale by non-profits, charities and trusted merchants in a variety of hot e-commerce categories including electronics, collectibles, jewelry, sports equipment and much more. The funds from every sale are given to selected non-profits or charity.

Goodbidding.org is a leading web-based auction site specializing in the auctioning of new and used products and surplus items exclusively for charity.

Founded in 2008 by a group of rag-tag individuals, Goodbidding.org combines our expertise to bring the collective best to help raise funding. We currently work with many non-profits (and growing) throughout the United States.

What We DoGoodbidding.org is a service company providing auction services to many non-profits and charities to help improve their revenue stream by bring the highest possible dollar for individual or lot items.

Goodbidding.org reduces your costs and liabilities of item storage & auction, while increasing your proceeds and reinforcing your audit trail.

BenefitsReduce the crowding in your storage facility by selling faster. Drastically reduce storage and handling costs.
Transparency - secure and comprehensive online audit trail available 24x7x365
Substantially increase auction revenue for your non-profit.
Significantly increase public exposure to your company and mission auctions.

Why Do You Want to Sell on Goodbidding.org?Goodbidding.org is a unique auction website that allows Charities, Non-Profits and Trusted Merchants to sell on a safe, reliable and cost-effective platform. Our Trusted Merchants are regarded as the most professional in the industry, having passed a rigorous qualifications process. Selling on Goodbidding.org is unique and also very exclusive. Every Merchant benefits from limited category competition, as well as access to a dedicated team of experts in the eCommerce industry.

Goodbidding.org Statisticsxx Registered Bidders
xx Unique Visitors Daily
Approx. xx Auctions Closed Daily
80%+ Sell-Thru Rate

Where Do We Need Your Help?
• Apparel, Bulk Lots
• Apparel, Designer Only
• Automobiles
• Health and Beauty (Cosmetics and Fragrances)
• Electronics
• Handbags, Designer Only
• iPods
• Musical Instruments
• Sunglasses, Designer Only

What Performance Do We Expect From Merchants?
• Deep experience in No Reserve auctions
• Sell-Through Rates in excess of 80%
• Commits to and achieves sales targets
• Impeccable selling ethics
• Near flawless customer service

Do You Have What It Takes?
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